Baby Sleep Consultant Reviews - The Sleep & Grow Co.
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“Vikki and I spoke for a short period (30 minutes) in regards to my 5-month-old son who was waking in excess of 6 times every night.


She was extremely thorough and asked questions I would have never known would of had an impact on my baby’s sleep, or lack of. Vikki made a couple of small suggestions to tweak our daily routine and within 3 days my baby has begun sleeping for up to 6 hour blocks before waking.


He is also resisting sleep a lot less and will be sound asleep within 5 minutes at times. Vikki has helped save my sanity and has also indirectly helped my relationship with my partner as we are now able to have some time to ourselves once bub goes to bed of a night. Highly recommend this service!”


Jillian & Asher

5 months

Vikki’s motherly touch to The Sleep & Grow Co. program is a huge reassurance; she knows what parents go through and understands sleep issues and the true feeling of sleep deprivation.”

Lauren & Belle, 14 Months

Vikki has turned our lives around with a difficult Miss 5 who has co-slept with me since birth.


Her care, consideration and understanding of our situation enabled her to create a plan that was specifically designed to meet our needs. Her hours of time and commitment talking with me initially to then meeting with our family was such a positive experience.


I was extremely impressed with her professional approach and intuitive gentle mothering instincts. Our goals were successfully met without the need for traumatic interventions and stressful hours of crying and upset. She took everything into consideration and had multiple strategies available ready to utilise should we continue to come up against our determined little girl.


Overall I would highly recommend talking to Vikki should you require guidance in this area as her expertise and training is impressive and broad. Thank you, Vikki for giving us a wonderful routine and a more relaxed atmosphere in our home of an evening.”


Linda & Tess

5 Years

“We turned to Vikki for help with our little ones sleeping (or should I say not sleeping) after months of ups and downs and several wakes a night. As exhausted parents who’d fallen into bad habits, Vikki was understanding of our situation and didn’t judge.


Armed with the sleep program that Vikki had crafted for us and a listening ear & support whenever we needed it we got our little one sleeping through in no time at all.


I can’t recommend Vikki enough, she’s professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

Thanks again!”


– Natalie & Lucy

18 months

“We have been using The Sleep & Grow Co. sleep program for 2 months now and have only had positive results.


We are now getting between 10 and 12 hours solid sleep a night and that has continued even with a new addition to our family.


We wish we found The Sleep & Grow Co. a lot earlier and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone in need of a good nights sleep.”


Lauren & Belle

14 months

My 4-year-old was on melatonin to get to sleep and up from 3am for the day every day. We had exhausted many avenues… paediatrician, child psychologist, medication and just about every gimmick and trick recommended to us.


Within a week Vikki had my little gem sleeping through without melatonin, in her own bed, and without tantrums. No more 3am starts!

There are no words to describe how this has changed our household! I really doubted someone could help us by phone and email, I really thought we would need someone to stay overnight but Vikki proved me wrong.


Having the ongoing support whenever I have needed it and to be able to ask questions and have them answered quickly has been incredible. Cannot recommend Vikki from The Sleep & Grow Co. enough…every family needs a Vikki!”

– Sarah & Macy, 4 Years Old

I can’t recommend Vikki highly enough. Prior to contacting Vikki, I went through another well-known sleep consultancy company – I was so disappointed as they had a ‘cut and paste’ approach where I was sent other children’s plans. It just wasn’t personalised and as every child is different, the cookie-cutter approach didn’t work for my baby!


When I started to work with Vikki I was so relieved and blown away by her caring, friendly nature – she genuinely cares about the families she works with. She has a vested interest in us and every plan is absolutely individualised – no cut and paste work here!! Vikki provided me with a super-detailed, in depth plan tailored specifically to my baby – my baby had a couple of medical issues as well as her sleep issues so these had to be factored into her plan.


Vikki’s communication during the time I was implementing the sleep plan was amazing, we were constantly in contact and I even found she was supporting me and giving me advice on other baby-related things like breastfeeding and starting solids.

We made alterations to the plan as we went along judging by my baby’s reaction and how she was responding. Vikki was always offering further advice and further tailoring the plan to work perfectly for us.

Now, after having a baby who woke 6 times a night, I now have her up only once for a feed (which is what I expected as she still needs it), and sleeping soundly the rest of the night. Vikki advice and support has been invaluable. If you’re needing your sleep back – you need Vikki!”


Carolyn & Eve

9 Months

“When I first contacted Vikki I was grasping for help in a last-ditch effort to get my nearly two-year-old sleeping better before I had my second baby. My husband & I had tried so many different sleep training techniques (since she was 4 months old) & ended up with a little bean that was terrified of her bedroom & fought sleep like Mike Tyson!

After so many tears shed by us all, we changed bedrooms & worked really hard at making her room a happy place so when we started with Vikki we asked if we could have no tears.  This wasn’t a problem at all for Vikki. I was blown away with how accepting, understanding & gentle she is. No judgment, no worries. She drew up a plan for my little lady & also a guide for my newborn to ensure we got off on the right foot.

Together we have been able to sort the day/night confusion for my newborn (literally overnight) and I have a toddler who is falling asleep on her own & sleeping through at least twice a week! For the first time ever, I feel in my heart that what we are doing is right. No more trying to jam my square peg into a round hole & most importantly – no tears!


Vikki is amazing & I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you lovely lady xx”


– Amy, Piper & Pixie

22 months & Newborn

“Not only is Vikki a baby and pre-schooler expert, she gets what this mummy gig is all about and to have her unwavering support and encouragement has been invaluable to me when I was at my lowest.”

– Sarah & Livvy, 7 Months

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