Baby Sleep Routines - The Sleep & Grow Co.
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What We Do


When it comes to writing a Sleep Plan that is perfect for your child we consider everything from your child’s temperament to your home environment as well as factoring in your own family values and beliefs.

As well as making a few changes to your current routine we also select some of our tried and tested techniques to suit your child before coaching you through the methods as you implement them. These will become techniques that you can refer back on again and again! Together we remove the frustration and sleep deprivation from your home, making a noticeable difference to all aspects of your day to day life.


Below are the important steps we will use to transform your family into happy little sleepers!

  • 1. Observe

    We use observational techniques and surveys to learn more about you, your child and your little family

  • 2. Set Goals

    Together we set realistic and achievable goals

  • 3. Plan

    A Sleep Plan that is perfect for you and your child is created

  • 4. Take Action

    We get started! You implement the Sleep Plan with support and guidance every step of the way

  • 5. Support

    We offer 4 weeks of support from the starting date of your plan as well as well as access to our online community.

For babies to be happy and well-adjusted we first need to have confident and relaxed parents.  Together we can achieve this!

Ready to get more sleep for the whole family?