Baby Sleep Programs - The Sleep & Grow Co.
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Sleep Packages


These are our most popular sleep packages. If you are unsure of what you need or would like something customised to suit your family then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The In Home Consultations are currently only available in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Northern Sydney areas, however, options for travel can be discussed on request.


Online Sleep Consultation

Our most popular package, the online consultation gives you access to Vikki our sleep consultant from anywhere in the world.



  • Detailed Enrolment Questionnaire set via email.
  • Scheduled Phone Consultation to discuss feedback on your questionnaire, set a date to start and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.
  • Personalised Sleep Plan emailed a minimum of 24 hours prior to your program start date
  • Unlimited 24-hour support for the first 3 days as you implement the program
  • Unlimited Support via email for 3 weeks from program start date


Total Cost: $225


Bed or Nap Time Consultation

In the comfort of your own home, Vikki will visit you for up to three hours to assist with settling your child or baby and implementing your new routine.



  • Detailed questionnaire via email
  • Assessment of sleeping environment, in-depth discussion to identify the sleep issues and to understand your parenting style
  • Demonstrations on settling techniques to suit your baby
  • A Personalised Sleep Plan
  • Unlimited 24-hour Support whilst implementing the plan
  • 3 Weeks follow up support via email from program start date.


Total Cost: $375


Overnight Support

Options include a half night (6hrs) or full night (13hrs) in your own home. I will arrive before bedtime with your personalised plan and ready to help you tackle the bedtime routine and any wake ups.



  • Detailed questionnaire sent via email
  • Preliminary phone consultation to discuss sleep, feeding cycles & medical history
  • Assessment of sleep environment
  • Personalised Sleep Plan
  • Demonstration on settling techniques to suit your baby
  • Parents have the option of getting some rest for the evening or implementing the Sleep Plan together
  • Unlimited support for the two days following the Overnight Service whilst you continue to implement the plan
  • Three weeks follow up support via email from program start date


Total Cost: $675/$1200


New Mum/Mum-To-Be Consultation

Our Newborn and Mum-to-be packages enable your transition into motherhood to be a smooth one by providing support, understanding and guidance.  Our local sleep consultant Vikki will visit you in the comfort of your own home for a 2 Hour consultation.



  • Assessment of Sleep Environment & Full Nursery Evaluation
  • Demonstrations on swaddling and settling techniques
  • Practical advice and guidance about life with a new baby, including feeding, recognising tired signs, soothing techniques and typical newborn behaviour
  • A copy of our New Mum Handbook with tips and tricks to guide you gently through those first few months of parenthood installing healthy sleep habits from the beginning.
  • 3 Weeks Unlimited Follow Up Support from your babies birth date.


Total Cost: $150


Mothers Group & Playgroup Sessions

Motherhood is made easier when we surround ourselves with our village. Get a group of friends with babies/children the same age to share some fun and friendly advice. Babies & children are welcome.



  • Detailed questionnaire emailed prior to group session
  • A personalised sleep plan for each baby/child in the group
  • One-hour group Q&A style session. You can suggest a location or we can source one together, I’ll bring the coffee!
  • Demonstrations on swaddling and settling techniques if required.


Total Cost: $75pp

If you are unsure which package to select, contact me directly to discuss your needs.