Baby Sleep Consultant - About Vikki - The Sleep & Grow Co.
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Hi, I am Vikki the founder here at The Sleep & Grow Co. I am Wife to my supportive husband and Mum to two cheeky little boys and I have had my own fair share of experience living with sleep deprivation.


I am originally from the UK where I completed a Diploma in Childcare and Education and I have been very fortunate that my work has allowed me to travel to some amazing parts of the world.  Over the years I have also added qualifications in Psychology, Paediatric and Infant Sleep, Child Development, Play Therapy, Behaviour Management, and Makaton Baby sign language to name a few.


My experiences with newborn babies, multiples and troublesome toddlers meant I was highly sought after as a Nanny by families from all over the world and my expertise was (and still is) called upon regularly by strangers as well as those closest to me.  Especially when it came to bedtime routines and sleep habits!


However, when my first son was born almost 5 years ago I found that despite my extensive knowledge of babies, sleep and routines I struggled to put any of it into practice due to the fog of sleep deprivation.  I found myself being overwhelmed by the conflicting opinions from friends, family and even more confused by my own frequent googling!  That is where the idea for The Sleep & Grow Co was born.


I truly believe that unless you have personally lived through the hell of sleep deprivation it is hard to understand just how debilitating and disorientating it can be.  So I set out to change that and to support other mums, who, like me – are seeking gentle methods to resolve their sleep time woes.


I love learning, I love teaching and I love babies and children so setting up The Sleep & Grow Co was just an extension of what I already do and I can safely say that it is my most rewarding role yet.  There is nothing quite like knowing you have helped a family to achieve the gift of sleep in their household.



With my own personal experience of sleep deprivation behind me and armed with the knowledge and qualifications I needed, I then set about creating The Sleep & Grow Co.  My vision – to bring solutions, not judgment to parents that were overwhelmed with the task of ‘Sleep Training” and were left feeling frustrated by the immense amount of contradictory information available.


I honestly believe that parents know best. My experience with families over the years has taught me to see the positive in all situations and I believe passionately that only you can decide what’s right for your family.


That is why each and every single one of our The Sleep & Grow Co. Sleep Plans is unique and written specifically with your family in mind. By taking the time to get to know you and your baby I feel I am better equipped to finding the solutions to your sleep worries.


My mission here at The Sleep & Grow Co is to deliver solutions that will bring your family relief without making the situation more stressful for you or your child.

Ready to get more sleep for the whole family?